Too Nervous to Visit the Dentist?

Are you anxious about undergoing dental procedures?
Nervous child visits dentist
At Highworth Dental Care we are experienced in helping our anxious patients cope with dental anxiety. Using the technique of sedation (administered orally) to reduce your nerves, your dentist is able to complete your dental procedure with you in a calm and relaxed state.

Sedation is a positive benefit for you as your dentist can carry out more treatment in a single session, meaning fewer visits for you.

Rather than neglecting your oral health it is vital for you to take steps to prevent any major dental problems from occurring. Sedation is a
proven way to assist nervous patients and to ensure that any oral problems you have can be diagnosed and treated promptly.
Highworth Dental Care Team
Before you undergo sedation it is important to notify your dentist if you are on medication or if you have allergies to certain types of medication. Your initial consultation is an opportunity for you to share your
medical details and to discuss any concerns about your dental anxiety.

Sedation is also a highly effective procedure that helps patients with Parkinson’s disease or those with gag reflex difficulty.

The dental team at Highworth Dental Care in Swindon are happy to discuss the benefits of the sedation procedure to help you take excellent care
of your teeth and gums.


If a visit to the dentist could be enjoyable –this is it!

T James
Being a nervous patient with TMJ I was delighted with my treatment. A great team, you all made me feel relaxed and confident.

J Sangster
Good dental practice friendly staff that always put you at ease. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Julia Lucas
Highworth Dental Care is an exceptionally great dental service. ALL staff are so friendly, caring and professional. I've just moved to Cornwall, if I could have moved the service with me I would have! Super team, great with anxious clients who have allergies. Richard gave me 5-star dental treatment with really no pain at all, I always left relaxed and smiling.

I am dentophobic with a fear of dentists that goes back to my childhood. Over the past few weeks I have had extensive dental work which included route canal treatment. Due to the kindness and professionalism of Dr Magda and her team I came through the procedure with little or no discomfort. Moreover, the staff in
the reception area are equally thorough and compassionate.

My heart felt thanks to all at Highworth Dental Practice.

Chris Cahill

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