Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you looking to improve the look of your teeth to give you more confidence to smile? Perhaps it’s time to focus on yourself for a change? Do you live locally to us in Highworth, Swindon, Shrivenham or Cricklade? At Highworth Dental Care, we offer a range of cosmetic dental options which, when used in combination, can help to improve the look and feel of your teeth.
Cosmetic dentistry in North Swindon

Why consider cosmetic dentistry?

  • Your Big (Wedding) Day – Bride or Groom are the focus of the day and the photos! You will want to capture and treasure your wedding day inside beautiful pictures with happy smiles, forever.
  • Looking for better career opportunities in their lives where their smile portrays a warm welcoming and confident image to others.
  • Research has shown that a beautiful smile doesn’t only make you more attractive to others; it can even improve your job prospects! A coy ‘hand over the mouth’ approach may work among friends but like it or not, in a one-to-one interview that smile is just going to show.
  • Graduation ceremony - an important life event for all the family. You want to look your best in the photos that will be up on the mantel piece forever.
  • Socially wanting to look good at parties with friends Social media profiles – those headshots can be the first contact with you from a prospective employer or client.
  • Before going away on holidays – Happy holiday snaps become more amazing.
  • Self-confidence – gives them a boost that brings out the best in them.
  • Dating – a great smile is very attractive. Not just in person but online dating profiles too!
  • Comments from friends and family making them feel self-conscious.
  • Wanting to look more youthful – we all love to look and feel young all the time.
Options for cosmetic dentistry
Typically the options in cosmetic dentistry include:

  • Orthodontics to straighten crooked teeth
  • Teeth whitening to help restore your teeth to their natural colour, removing stains that develop over the years
  • Dental bonding or veneers to rebuild and restore worn or chipped teeth.
This approach in cosmetic dentistry is called align, bleach, bond and is a minimally invasive approach which we like to use here in our North Swindon dental practice.

Once these basic strategies of aligning teeth, whitening teeth and then restoring teeth has been considered we can then look at other options such as dental veneers, crowns or dental implants to replace missing teeth.

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Cosmetic dentistry prices
What is extremely important to us is that we only use the bare minimum to achieve the desired result, at your initial consultation we will discuss the options that will help you achieve your desired smile and present you with a tailored treatment plan for you.

Cosmetic dentistry prices

When considering the prices of cosmetic dentistry one needs to look at the personal benefits that last a lifetime. As there is no one single price for cosmetic dentistry one has to consider all of the components which go into the various options and procedures.

As you read this now, think about which teeth you'd like to move, restore or replace and how you would like them to look. And now if you think about the
cost of cosmetic dentistry spread over the many years you have to enjoy your new smile and the years of extra confidence this will bring. You may like to
consider our Denplan Essentials , among the many benefits is 10% discount on treatments.
Cosmetic dentistry in North Swindon

What is cosmetic dentistry?

When it comes to restoring your smile there are a multitude of options available to whiten dark teeth, rebuild broken down, worn or chipped teeth, replace missing teeth and straightening crooked teeth.

All of these options work in unison and harmony with one another to create your perfect



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