Dental Implants

Are you looking for the best way to replace missing teeth? Do you live in locally to us in Highworth, perhaps Swindon,
Shrivenham or Cricklade? Highworth Dental Care can help you with dental implants.
tooth loss

Why replace missing teeth
with dental implants?

When a tooth is lost it leaves a socket with a hole. That hole is filled by the surrounding bone moving
into replace the space where the tooth has been lost. Over time this can result in a loss of bone in that area, known as bone resorption.

The teeth are also in fine balance in your mouth, when one is removed adjacent teeth can tip into the gap and opposing teeth can over-erupt. Dental implants can help support not only the bone around the missing tooth but also the adjacent teeth and opposing tooth.

This has long-term advantages
for your dental health.

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dental implant advantages

More Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Extremely comfortable
    • Dentures, whilst looking good and being a great way to replace missing teeth can sometimes be rather uncomfortable. Because dental implants are permanently fixed this problem is overcome.
  • Enjoy the foods you want to eat
    • Dentures can move around and may even dislodge completely with some foods, because dental implants are permanently fixed you will be able to enjoy food of your choice with absolute confidence once again.
  • Feel good about yourself
    • If you smile with your hand over your mouth because you're embarrassed about your missing teeth then dental implants can help to restore your confidence and provide you with your perfect smile.

Another advantage of Dental Implants

  • No need to damage other teeth.
    • If you have a dental bridge the supporting teeth either side of the new replacement tooth may need to be reduced. Dental bridges can be quite destructive to the adjacent teeth but dental implants leave the adjacent teeth alone.

Overall, dental implants often provide the most cost-effective, endurable and attractive option to many
patients. The dental implant is made to last and look great too. We use surgical grade titanium for the dental implant itself. A crown fits on top of the implant which is made by a dental technician.

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dental implant procedure

What is the procedure for dental implants, a step-by-step approach?

The procedure for each individual patient varies as we provide a bespoke service, however, the standard procedure is as follows:

  1. An initial consultation with a dental implant surgeon
  2. Provision of a full treatment plan, with all options and costings
  3. Diagnostic impressions taken for discussion between the surgeon, laboratory and your general dentist
  4. Agreement of the dental implant treatment between yourself and the dental implant team
  5. Placement of the dental implant
  6. Dental implant healing, between 3 and 6 months. During this time a temporary tooth is often placed.
  7. Manufacturer of the final dental crown on top of the implant
  8. Review and agreement between yourself and the team that everything has gone as planned
the cost of dental implants

The Cost of Dental Implants

As every individual case is different, requiring different surgical procedures, dental implant components and dental crowns it is extremely difficult to give an exact price, however one can expect a dental implant to replace a single tooth to cost in the region of £2,200

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dental implant problems

Dental Implant Problems

Fortunately dental implants have a very high success rate, upwards of 98%. With proper care they can last a lifetime and be one of the most cost-effective ways to replace missing teeth.

The biggest cause of any problems with dental implants is lack of care and a poor oral hygiene routine. Even though they are not natural teeth your implant needs careful care and attention must be cleaned twice every day, just as your natural teeth do.

Natural teeth are susceptible to disease and decay, your dental implant is no different. With good care and attention your dental implant will last many
dental implant patients

Advantages of dental implants

Dental implants at Highworth Dental Care have a range of advantages including:

  • Look great
    • Because the implant naturally appears from your gum the same way as a natural tooth does this ensures the appearance is natural and lifelike. Each dental implant crown is uniquely made for every Highworth Dental patient and is therefore a bespoke item. This ensures that the new crown blends in harmoniously with your surrounding teeth providing the ultimate option to replace your missing tooth.
  • Help with your speech
    • We all remember being a child and being unable to pronounce our 's' sound when we have lost a tooth, the same effect happens with adults. Replacing a missing tooth will help you be able to speak better. Ill fitting or loose dentures can have the same effect as a missing tooth if they move around when you speak. A dental implant is fixed permanently so this problem doesn't occur.

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A huge thank you to Dr Bohra for transforming my smile. Gone are my loose unsightly dentures.
I now have fixed bridges on implants which I can eat anything with. My quality of life has improved massively!
Keep up the amazing work.

J Stephens
Absolutely delighted with my new implant crowns. They look and feel great
and more importantly I can smile again!

G Jones
I feel more confident when I smile now as I don't have a large gap and
the implant crowns blend in beautifully with the rest of my teeth.
Thank you for giving me my smile back.

S Sugar
With Dr Bohra and his team you're in expert hands. The implant surgery took under an hour with next to no discomfort
and I was back in work the next day. Very satisfied with the overall result
and more importantly they feel like my own teeth.

D Harrison

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