Dental Implants – Are you a suitable candidate?

At Highworth Dental Care, we have treated many patients using dental implants. Our Implant dentist Vinay Bohra has years of experience providing dental implants and performing what is often described as a life changing treatment.

We find that patients completing treatment often have a renewed zest for life and improved self-esteem alongside the health benefits because they are able to eat, chew and enjoy the foods they love once more.

Given these benefits it’s disappointing that many people rule themselves out of treatment before seeking a professional opinion. Contrary to popular belief, most people with loose or missing teeth are suitable for dental implants, including:

• Those older than 70
• People who have high or low blood pressure
• Individuals suffering from Osteoporosis or Arthritis
• People who regularly take Warfarin or other prescribed anticoagulant medicines
• Well controlled diabetics

As long as a comprehensive assessment is undertaken and treatment is planned properly and tailored to the patient’s specific requirements, dental implants can be placed in patients described above.
Dental implants are used for two reasons, either to replace missing teeth or stabilise dentures which have become loose, sore or a nuisance. This means we tend to provide dental implant treatment for mature patients more often than younger ones. As people age, they are often required to take medication or supplements to help boost their general health and wellbeing. For this reason, providing implants for patients with medical problems is not uncommon.

We are careful to ensure that all patients undergoing this type of treatment are fully informed and aware of the risks and benefits. This enables us to provide treatment with a very high success rate.
If you’re looking for answers or you would simply like to find out more about dental implant treatment then book a consultation with Vinay and get the answers to all of your questions. 

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